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Lunaria Ramoro Pinot Grigio 20

Lunaria Ramoro Pinot Grigio 20


Ramoro Pinot Grigio has big aromas of peaches and wild flowers, then fresh, fruity and intense to taste. The grapes are grown in Cantina Orsogna’s organic vineyards, 500 metres up in the Maiella hills. Well balanced and quite reasonably priced for such a high quality orange, biodynamic wine.

Ramoro Pinot Grigio has a very individual character. The skin contact adds texture and enhances the flavour as well as affecting body, some subtle tannins and of course it beautiful colour. This certainly isn’t your average Pinot Grigio and tastes more like a really delicious, full-bodied rosé and is one of our top selling mid-range wines.

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