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Daou Sauvignon Blanc 21

Daou Sauvignon Blanc 21


This lovely, bright, and cheery Sauvignon Blanc proffers tantalizing aromas of grapefruit, pineapple, and gooseberry, with hints of quince. Floral notes of lemongrass and acacia are balanced with lychee and wet stone. Classily structured and elegantly styled, a veritable explosion of crisp and juicy fruit flavors burst upon the palate. Lemon chiffon, key lime pie, and kiwi are accented with green apple, white nectarine, and pineapple. Decisively refreshing, this wine finishes lean and clean with long lingering notes of dragon fruit, citrus, and passion fruit. 


           92 Points - Wine Enthusiast         91 Points - Wilfred Wong

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