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Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc 20

Cannonball Sauvignon Blanc 20


Preservation of the fragrant aromatics and fresh mouthfeel of Sauvignon Blanc is paramount in our winemaking. We seek sites that contribute bright fruit flavors and lively palate structure to the blend, favoring the development of a spectrum of tropical fruit from lychee to passionfruit. Aging at cool temperatures strengthens the mid-palate and adds dimension and rounds out the vibrant acidity. 


Waves of grapefruit, lime, and orange blossom dominate on the nose with a back note of passionfruit and a hint of lemongrass. Alongside the citrus spectrum, tropical notes emerge on the palate showing guava, lychee, and passionfruit. The mid-palate structure is medium in weight and reveals an attractive slate/mineral quality that lingers on the finish and compliments the lively acidity.


The interplay of soil, sun, and coastal breezes make the North Coast a choice locale for growing Sauvignon Blanc grapes. We source from varied terroirs to layer flavors, build a structure, and preserve natural acidity. Mendocino fruit gives us both citrus spectrum and sub-tropical notes, Lake County contributes more intense robust tropical aromas and flavors, and Sonoma brings balance and length as well as a core of minerality.

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